Winning Ways aims to produce mentally sound, physically healthy dogs with correct temperments that are easy to train and a joy to live with!!!




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Many of these people purchased their Winning Ways dog or puppy sight unseen. They would be happy to tell you about their experiences with their dog or me.

Hi Linda, I havn't forgotten about you and those pictures I owe you!!! I have been so busy with my new assignment and the pup and the baby, and everything else in between, I havn't gotten to it yet. But I can tell you, I have some fantastic pics of the dog and Emery. I promise I will get to you soon. Hope all is well. Bruno is stunning! He is too smart for his own good, and the two have become quite a pair!! He is so huge!!! At his 16 week checkup, he weighed 47 pounds! He has grown so much since then, I can't wait to weigh him now!! His face is so awesome, and Jackie and Victor from London love him!! His temperment is so much like Lobo's was, we are so happy with him. He has lost most of his puppy teeth, and we keep finding them all over the place! He seems to be a digger though, so we are ready to kill him!!! But it is worth it. Once again, you and your dogs have outdone yourselves!!!

Christine Lucier in Southern Ontario

Bruno is a Quinn/Birk son born Oct. 20. 2005

Hi Linda,
Well here are the awaited pictures of Rio. The weather has not been co-operating but we finally got a chance to get a few. First of all I want to thank you for choosing to breed such an awsome female as Vixen is, to my Max. These are two dogs with superb backgrounds. Second, I am grateful to you for agreeing to let me have pick of the litter instead of paying us a stud fee. Vixen has much to offer the breed, as Max does, and I felt right from the start these puppies would be excellent. And they are! As you know I really wanted a female from this breeding but that was not meant to be. Guess you could call it fate. Rio IS everything I wanted out of this breeding and then some. We love him very much and look forward to a great future with him and our girls!

Judy in Michigan

Hi Linda,

Sunny is doing great. So much energy!! He had his next puppy shot on Jan 4th and weighed 22lbs. I won't be picking him up for much longer! He sits and shakes on command and we are working on down and come right now. Tonight we go to our first puppy class. It will be fun. He gets a lot of attention everywhere I take him-- and he LOVES it.

September in Michigan

Sunny is a Max/Vixen son!
(Yes, he is long coated)

Haily is a Max/Vixen daughter

Born October 20/05

Haily is pictured at 14 weeks!

Meiko has been terrific. Sleeps in the kennel right beside Thunder who doesn't make friends easily. The 2nd day she was with us, Thunder brought her kong and dropped it at her feet. She plays and plays with Kato (even though both of them are 85 lbs) I think she has told them, I'm so pretty and I'm the boss". She settled in right away. When our girls some down the street from school, we let her out and she runs like mad to get to them (tail just-a wagg'n). She's very smart and she obviously commands everyones attention. We love her to death. Thank you for a beautiful puppy.

Michele & Yancy (Chatham)

Meiko is a Max/Vixen daughter!

(p.s. Thunder and Kato are big ole police dogs and Meiko has them both wrapped around her paws - lol)

Had Scout in to the vet today for the first time, he had his 3rd round of shots. The vet said he had a great checkup, he is in great health, his coat was beautiful (so he said) and he said he had a very good temperament (didn't make a peep when he got his shot!). I was very happy, of course I already knew he was a great dog :)

Shannon and Cameron, Windsor, ON

This is Ella at almost one year, she is a never ending source of amusement and pleasure.

David, Michigan

Ella is a Vixen/Aero daughter.

(Genetics are amazing - Vixen and Aero are very dark and I was shocked when I got Ella's photos and noticed Ella's abundance of light colouration....but Vixen's mom was light like this so that explains this lovely girl's colour.)

Eco is an Aero/Raven daughter who is doing therapy work, scent discrimination, sheep herding, tracking and in her spare time is on the Super Dog Team that travels extensively, delighting children everywhere they go. Congratulations Eco on your recent Agility success - 8 runs - 8 first place ribbons!

Both Eco and and her baby brother, Jet, are Aero babies!!!!

Cathy has this to say about her new black boy, Jet.... Jet had a great time at his first puppy socialization class last Wednesday. No hiding uner the chair for this boy!

Thank you Cathy for doing such a great job with our babies!

Cathy Oliver (in Nova Scotia)

Update 2007:

Eco did very well at the Agility Trial this past weekend. She got three Q's - first place in Vet Open Masters Jumpers and first place in Vet Open Masters Gamblers, plus a third place in Advanced team. She got her Advanced Games title and her Master's Jumpers title and ran fairly consistently all weekend. This was a warm up for the AAC Nationals so I am very pleased.

Best regards,

Hi Linda, Jet's fan club continues to grow and you got a huge compliment on your breeding program from one of the top dog behaviourists in North America. I took him to a Brenda Aloff clinic last weekend. One of the clinic organizers asked me to bring him to be one of the participants as he is super exuberant and gets very excited when he meets crowds of people - sort of like an over the top goofy high drive lab.

Brenda specializes in aggression so most of the dogs that were there had aggression issues. As he is so powerful Jet can be rather intimidating but as soon as Brenda started to work with him she commented on what a wonderful temperament he has. A lot of what we were working on involved a great deal of physical contact and he handled it beautifully. At one point she said that in all her years of working with literally thousands of dogs, Jet was among the top ten in terms of stability of temperament and lack of aggression. She also said that he is the type of dog she would choose and wanted to take him home with her. She was also commenting about how few breeders are breeding for temperament and how few German Shepherds have really good stable temperaments.

The list of people that want to take him home is getting rather long, but he isn't going anywhere. I'll try to get you copies of pictures that were taken, and there may be an article in Dog Sport magazine.

Regards, Cathy in Nova Scotia

Jet is an Aero/Vixen son

Hi Linda,

We can't begin to tell you how happy we are with our neat puppy, Haley, now 5 months....whom you so graciously entrusted to us. Frankly, I had become resolute to the fact that I would no longer even think of purchasing another puppy or dog from anyone. As you know, I fell in love with the German Shepherd Dog in 1951 when I purchased my very 1st as a pre-teen & the next year began a life-long journey of showing & breeding these remarkable dogs. I kept my line going from my dogs of the 1950s until the early 1990s when the last one passed away. I had been searching for sound GSDs in mind & body to include in my breeding program, but with little success. The problems areas in the breed have compounded over the decades & much to my disappointment so many breeders are not very good caretakers of our beloved breed. Only because I have seen how conscientious a breeder you are along with your honesty & integrity since observing you for some 5 years now, did I decide to even think about obtaining another dog. Therefore, I decided to purchase one of your puppies not only for myself but helped our granddaughter & her fiance' also obtained a litter mate of Haley's. Over these years I've noted that whether people wanted one of your puppies/dogs for a pet, for show, or for've gone the extra mile in being both fair & honest with all (buyers or inquirers). I am most comfortable with my decision in purchasing a puppy from you after losing my confidence & not making a purchase for almost 15 years until now. I have & will continue to recommend you to any of my family or friends who are interested in having a GSD due to your integrity as a person and as a breeder.

Haley & her brother are the epitome of combining a most intelligent mind with such a strong healthy body. Both my husband & daughter (both veterinarians) marvel at what overall sound puppies they mind & structure. In playing Haley can run backwards about as quickly as in the forward motion & would love to climb & jump. But experience over the years lends me to curtail too much jumping & diving landing on young growing joints at this tender age. One does have to use common sense with the young of any species as not all problems are genetic...almost, but not quite. JMHO

Haley & her brother both graduated from Kindergarten Class in December & we were delighted with how quickly they learned. I'll send a few pictures taken over a period of time in the email following this ones. A huge THANKS for these gorgeous & very intelligent puppies!! Ever grateful,~~Fern


Mike and Susan Conway came to us for Tia's new 'baby' brother. Tia another Winning Ways girl joined their family 7 years ago and was lonely. Kyser is a stunning black Birk/Sky son pictured at 8 months.

Kyser is on the left, and Tia is on the right.

Hi Linda:

Just want to let you know how well Aero and Haley are doing. After some bad experiences with Shepherds, we still really wanted one but were very leery. That is until I got wind of you and your kennels. We were hesitant at first, but after one look we just fell in love with Haley and had to have her. We were so pleased with her, that when Aero became available three mos. later there was no doubt in our minds about adding him to our family. They proved to be the greatest teamates ever. I had my U.D. and Tracking on all my other Shepherds, but it took a lot of work. With Haley and Aero, I don't even break out in a sweat when training. Never have I known Shepherds that are so eager to train, and such fast learners. I only have to take out the training lead and both dogs are pushing each other to be first to be trained, it's just so hilarious, they act as if training was the best treat I could offer them lol.

They also proved what great family dogs they are over the holidays. We had more guests than ever, with a lot more young children (as the family grows). I was thinking of leaving the dogs in the sunroom to be courteous to my guests, but no one would hear of it, so of course they joined the family. What wonderful times the children (and adults) had with them. Even our 3 yr. old grandaughter, played with them; the dogs were always so calm and gentle, no rowdiness at all. It makes me so happy to have the kind of dogs that people want to have around, and they were also welcomed when we visited....we were told not to show up without the dogs.

We had to take this opportunity to thank you for trusting us with these wondrous souls, and for being so honest in delivering exactly what we asked for; you outdid yourself to match us up perfectly with the dogs you knew we needed. Don't be surprised if we want a third one when spring is around the corner lol.

Thank you so much.....

Ron and Collette Hanmer, ON

Winning Ways dogs are wonderful with children! Gus, a long coated Smoki/Birk son now lives in Alberta and loves his baby girl. 
Winning Ways Titan is a Vixen/Aero son. He's going to puppy school and although he doesn't have a lot of titles, give him a bit of time. Thank you Scott and Davina for doing such a great job with Titan.

Niko lives in Seattle with two little girls. Isabella is only 7 and she and Niko are the star of their obedience class. Vadim has this to say about Niko and Isabella........'He executes COME, SIT, DOWN, DOWN STAY, AND SIT STAY instantly and perfectly while ignoring all the commotion. Isabella is so excited with their combined fame and performance that she as started to join me for our morning sessions at 5:30 am.

Niko is an Aero/Vixen son

Ace is a stuning Aero son now living in Virgina Wise in Woodstock, Virginia. Virginia says. "Thanks again for such a wonderful dog! He is gorgeous, mind and body...he has such a calm and cool attitude about everything. Everyone comments on how good he looks when we're out, and I always say he's beautiful through and through!!"
Griffin, an Aero/Inca son spending some quality time with Matt.

Glenn and Patti have this to say about their new Birk/Smoki long coated female, Reign.

"Reign is a beautiful mix of independence and loving people. She has introduced herself to the cats and is very good with them, nice and gentle. No accidents so far in the house. Have started taking her to school to pick up the kids and she gets to say 'hi' to the other kids around. No whining in the van, very good girl?"

Sylvie and Michel drove to Winning Ways all the way from Montreal with their two young children to pick up their new family member, Winningways Mia Fox. Mia is great with their 2 children ages 2 and 4! They have this to say about Mia........

'We absolutely love her. She is so gentle and calm. She loves the children and the children love her so much. They play with. She is very obedient and also did not pee in the house, not even once. Of course there were GSD's in my area but I knew that Mia was the one for us and I was right. It was worth the trip'.

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